Thursday, April 2, 2015

While stars circle around us

My first stacking star trails taken at Joshua Tree N.P. It was cloudy and the moon was bright so I was not quite sure how it turms out. With the help of knowledgable fellow photographers, it turns out okey for the first try. I stacked about 135 photos taken at 25sec each F3.5 and ISO 320. The moon was really bright so surprisingly it was the setting worked. While my camera is shooting automatically, I was laying on the ground over my jacket, stargazing trying no to get pricked by cacti and being aware of rattle snakes. Fellow photogtaphers were chatting a bit away from me and their voice were echoing lava rocks surrounding us Blazing heat had dissipated and it was pleasantly cool.. It was a very peaceful 2 hours at night I would remember for a long time. via 500px kawasemi1