Monday, April 13, 2015

Bee, Flower n Dew

The task of the female sex worker bees collect pollen duties and nectar. Honey is a product of food processing nectar that spewed back from the body and stored in the hive for food reserves, this honey food for larvae and pupae. There is also in charge of cleaning the female bees nest and care for the eggs and children bee. Worker bees life expectancy is three months or fewer main food is honey bee workers. Female insects have an important role in this insect group. The behavior of bees is determined by the behavior of the female bee. Some of the females of certain species of living alone (solitary) and others are known to have social behavior. Solitary bees build their own nests and foraging for keturunnya without the aid of other bees and usually die or leave the nest at the time keturunnya not become adult bees. Sometimes several species of solitary bees feed and care for their children without giving up food for their children, as this form of relationship is known as subsosial. While at a higher stage, bees live in groups and share duties in accordance with their respective physical form. via 500px pandudupan